photo 2011


Feniglia beach is situated south in Tuscany on the island Monte Argentario. Where the walkway faces the beach, a massive belt of umbrellas, beach chairs and tables is stacked up in rows and divides the forest from the sea. The guard wearing a clean shirt and a couple of ickering eyes pressure the tourists to rent both the umbrella and the furnitures. If the rich and angry italien housewifes gets irritated on the visitors they reunite with the guards and gets them to chase them, reasoning it with that they didn’t pay for the whole package, meaning umbrella, two chairs and at least one table. The rows are stricktly set up and a moving snack bar frequently moves up and down, shouting out what there is to buy.


If one walkes down the beach, after a while the amount of beach furnitures gets sparse. The surroundings turns more wild and driftwood is randomly spread out. Farther down, the wood has been collected and constructed into sheds. Leaving invisible traces of hands working together, solutions being discussed, bodies moving, carrying, placing and building together.


Here, some hundreds of meters from the hierarchy under the umbrellas existe another time, another policy, another understandment, another estetical wiew.

© 2016 Trude Johansen