How are you gonna lift it with your arms folded tight


photo, sculpture 2013


An area located between suburban houses and skiing trails are zoned for residential purposes.


One day trunks and stones along the tracks are marked with pink spray. A few weeks later, the landscape is completely changed. It is open , small ponds has settled over the mud where tractors have runned over. The sharp edge of the forest stands there like an aimless wall. The timber is stacked in tall rows down towards the road.


Here the tarmac will shine bright on rainy days. Here the mass produced modules with embedded downlights will bounce up and get house number and fences. And the sporty wives will run back and forth with bags full from interior stores. And the men will fill the garage with bikes and the TV in the living room with a thousand channels.


I drag some branches home. I build a chair and a table of it and cover it with pinkspray.

© 2016 Trude Johansen