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Trærne stod der med tennene i jorden og føttene i været


No13 Contemporary 2013

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Jeg har lurt på hvordan det vil oppleves å være en kjempe og stryke skogen med grenene og kunne nappe trærne opp som hårstrå. Vil de kjennes myke ut eller som knortete, harde vekster. Jeg skulle være så forsiktig.


Med årene lager båten en midlertidig åre i havet. I arteriene finnes det små pulsklaffer som lik årene pumper frem det som skal frem. Båten skal frem, du skal frem, blodet skal frem. Venene er tilbakespolingen av alt dette, slik Strindbergs vrengte jakke leder deg hjem når du har gått deg vill.


Hvis reaksjonene inneholder samme mengde reaksjon i alle mennesker, må reaksjonene for barn være helt overveldende. Et menneskebarn for eksempel, rykker til i hele kroppen når hun skvetter. Latter er et tegn på tilhørighet, men noen ganger hender det at en ler så  en tisser på seg og hva er det et tegn på? Hyener ler. Der er kvinnene kvinner med penis og ballekostymer utenpå sitt eget utstyr. Hva er det et tegn på?


Latter og frykt er brødre


For å orientere seg må man forstå at man er noe avgrenset i forhold til omgivelsene. Det er absurd å snakke om retninger. I et forhold mellom to mennesker vil høyre for den første alltid være venstre for den andre.

Øst for de fra øst vil være vest for de fra steder lenger øst.

Jeg forstod det slik da jeg så kloden at jeg var heldig som stod forholdsvis rett opp og ned, mens de som bodde lenger sør nærmest stod på hode, bare holdt fast til jorden med føttene ved hjelp av en magnetisk kraft.

I Tyrkia finnes det en gruslagt bussholdeplass langs en trafikkert kystvei. I varmen kan det virke som om støvet tiltrekker seg en viss type sommerfugler, for mellom steinene der, styrter de i tusentall og farger plassen rød og svart.



KnockKnock 2013



The word door (dør) is the same as the verb to die (å dø) in infinitive. This has maybe something to do with transition and the significance of leaving one room and entering another.

The door is an opening between rooms, places, inside or outside. This opening is a part of the wall and can be opened or shut. One can not be inside a door. Usually one does not remain in a door entrance.  One moves trough the frame that belongs to the door, from one place, to another.

The door is a vertical rectangle, a sort of plate. It has got a handle on one side and in that way, one can push or pull the door open or shut. Often it is mounted fixed in the wall with two hinges, one at the top and one at the bottom. A door slides into its frame when it shuts, does it then become an image?

I am more concerned by architraves than doors. These have often got clear traces of feet trampling over it for an amount of time. It is an elevated plank from the rest of the floor. I do not know if I like the door shut or open.





The word table (bord) has got the same pronunciation as the word to live (bor) in present. One lives in a house and the house connection point one can find on the table. What one sets the table with, the things that has left marks, is what recognizes the home.

The table catches temporarily. One is to fetch what is set on the table. It is the station between the cupboard and the mouth, between the shelves and the thoughts. One can also gather around a table. One parts people vertically, not to be distracted by the lap, the thighs, the feet. In that way one can concentrate one what is being said.

A table has got a horizontal surface. It is like a chair without a back. One lean against the back of the chair and regard towards what is lying on the table. The table has therefore got longer legs than the chair. To sit under the chair must be the most secretive place. All the hidden things, is to find there. The cut off branches on the back side of the table surface, which makes a roof.



The word couch (sofa) must have got its meaning from thought and mind activity. Is not the philosopher one who is devoted (phil) to the work of thought (soph)?

The couch looming in the living room. It is a no mans land. The temporary, lazy condition that the couch offers is hypocrisy, with soft seats and pillows that gives a bad posture. I have always liked to bring my guests to the kitchen. Witch is more like a kind of workshop. There the words and the things can be weighted equally.

The couch is covered by a thick fabric to stand to be worn out from back ends, rubbing backs and spill from food. Under the layer of furniture fabric, there is foam and different types of fame work, in wood, woodchip etc. It has also got a kind of suspension system and curved wirers spent in rows under the seat, with solid, several centimeters long staples that look like weapons if you wedge them loose from the woodwork.

I think more clearly at the metro, sleep better in my bed, eat better on the chair, have better conversations in cafes. The couch is apparently inviting and comfortable, but only apparently.



The tap is a small bright, tube formed object that is mounted fixed to the basin. With the object there is also a handle and if one pulls it in one direction, cold water runs out from the spout of the tap. If you pull in the other direction, warm water comes out.


The tap is like the mouth or the lamp. Is has got a clear, limited shape, but it has no function if one does not associate it to its context. Witch in this case is an enormous network of pipes spreading out from the water reservoirs and the treatment plants to apartments, houses, restaurants, up in the high-rises, under the ground, under tunnels and highways and finally out in the sewage.


On tv, I saw a man who had a blocked tap. When he screwed up the filter there was a small fish stuck in the tube.


One Sunday morning I went jogging along the river and I saw to rats, bouncing around on the rocks on the waterfront. I jumped by their speed and intensity, and then I remember that last year, they took water samples from the sewage, and in this way they could trace witch drugs were being used in different districts.

Dogs n Dinosaurs


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